Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year!

 Happy 2013 everyone!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year surrounded by friends and loved ones. I had a WONDERFUL holiday! We drove down to Orlando, Florida for a week and spent five glorious days at Disney World! We went to visit family as well which we haven't seen in a while so all around it was the best Christmas and birthday ever.

I usually don't like my birthday because it falls on December 28th and I always feel I get lost between the holidays and my plans always go wrong. This year, my plans didn't go as I had wanted them to either, but I didn't care because I spent the evening of my birthday with my husband and kids at Magic Kingdom. Despite the rain, we had a great time. Disney World always makes me feel like a kid again. My kids love it too. It truly is the most magical place on earth! Have you ever been?
As for shop news, desktop calendars are 30% off this week! Check out my shop if you are in need of a pretty calendar to grace your desk or workspace. It is available with a case and without. The calendar measures 4 x 6 and features a brand new pattern for every month, specifically made for this calendar. When you are done with it you can recycle and re-use the patterns for something else. I have had customers use them in their Project Life layouts, for collage, decoupage, and I even used last year's left overs to make some pendants. I am also thinking about making magnets with them! Obviously, the re-use of the calendar should be for personal purposes only. But you knew that, right? My readers are all copyright savvy. =)

I leave you with some Disney pics I posted to Instagram while I was away. Storybook Circus is part of the New Fantasyland construction at Disney World. It has a wonderful vintage circus feel, obviously inspired by Dumbo - one of my favorite Disney films! The last photo is of the magical holiday fireworks display that occur every night. Words and photographs don't do it justice. It literally brought tears to my eyes!! You can see in the first photo that Cinderella's Castle is decked out in icicle lights for Christmas. I will have to do another post on Disney this week because I have SO MANY photographs and I have a wonderful story to share as well that will warm your heart.

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Have an awesome day everyone!!