Thursday, September 27, 2012

New Goodies in the Shop

Made some glass tile pendants with some leftover calendar prints recently and finally got them listed this week. This was my first attempt at making these. It was a bit time consuming because you have to wait a long time for the glue to dry (about 24 hrs) but worth it to have a sturdy piece of jewelry. I even added patterns to the back and covered them in dimensional adhesive to give it a little something extra.

You can visit my shop and see the photos of the backs of the pendants there. These were a lot of fun to make! Thinking I may have to do some custom photo ones for my family for Christmas. It's nice to step away from the computer and get hands on and crafty once in a while. It's really relaxing!

Next up - glass magnets, push pins, earrings and rings! Thinking I need to re-stock my Mr. Darcy jewelry. Or maybe I'll do something a bit different. What's your favorite crafty thing to do?