Thursday, August 23, 2012

Make a Wish

You know those days when you have something planned and NOTHING goes right? You  have a destination in mind and just CAN'T seem to get there without delays, blocks, etc? I had a morning like that yesterday. The outcome was such a blessing and I am sharing it with you in the hopes that the next time you encounter blocks on your way to somewhere you will sit back, breathe deeply, and look around and see the hidden blessing.

I was on my way with family in tow to a specific park that we have not been to this summer. We tried and tried and tried and streets were closed due to construction and we were eventually forced to just go to the next to nearest park because we couldn't get anywhere near where we wanted to go originally. Now I have been going through some very trying times, personally. A lot of challenges and what seems like a lot of mountains to climb. The night before I had overcome a HUGE issue with my husband and we found ourselves at peace with one another and closer than ever. What we encountered at the park was both a miracle and a blessing and we would have missed it had we been able to get to the original destination. 

We walked into the park and saw this tree covered in manila tags with a sign on it that read 'Add Your Wish'. Above it was an envelope which had originally contained tags for people to write their wishes. it was empty. Every tag was used and after closer inspection, I realized that people began to attach their own scraps of paper with wishes on them. As I read the tags I started to cry. I was so moved by what I read that I just couldn't help it. 

One of the tags read: "I wish people could see how lucky they are"...another one read "I have Cancer. I wish I could live another year"; Yet another read "I wish he had never cheated on me" and someone had added "He doesn't deserve you". Amongst my favorites were the ones that read "I wish for everyone's wish to come true" and "I wish people would be nicer to each other".

Reading all these wishes and adding my own on a napkin as it began to rain, filled my heart with such gratitude for everything that I have. For the ability I have to forgive and love and to make a difference in this world; for my kids, my health, my husband, my home, and my friends and family. Gratitude is something I practice every day now, and the more I practice it the more blessings I receive. The more I get these little messages from God that everything is as it should be and that I am loved and that all is not lost. We CAN achieve peace on earth. One wish at a time. One kindness at a time. I urge you to put some 'gratitude in your attitude' as my dear old dad says and make it a point to make one person happy everyday. Be kind to a stranger and see them smile and say thank you and know the gift of kindness you gave them will be passed on and on and on. 

Just out of curiosity....what would YOU wish for? =)