Thursday, March 01, 2012

Tots Bots Cloth Diapers

I'm LOVING the new designs on these Easy Fit cloth diapers from Tots Botsin the UK! They are a design mama's dream come true! The first grouping are based on children's stories. Can you guess what story each diaper is illustrating? I'm loving the yellow one below - it's a favorite story for bedtime in my household.

These next two designs are special edition prints in honor of the 2012 Olympics in London. Having studied abroad in England and visited London a few times (total anglophile over here) I am adoring both and NEED to add these to my collection of cloth diapers! I mean, how CUTE is that tea print with the Union Jack hearts?? They are too stylish to pass up! Problem is Tots Bots won't ship to the U.S. and I have yet to find any retailers based here that carry them. What's a cloth addict mama to do? Wonder if one of my UK readers will volunteer to ship some to me? ;)

I'm pretty sure if any of you were remotely considering cloth diapering you are seriously considering it now. Believe me, I don't blame you. A warning...once you start buying cloth you can't stop. :)

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