Thursday, February 16, 2012

Addicted to Cloth

My time lately has been consumed by a newborn and trying frantically to get things done around the house. But lack of sleep and time have not hindered me from becoming a cloth addict! You think I'm crazy? So many of my friends think I am. You think it's too much trouble? So many mom's do. But you know what? I find that it isn't all that difficult or time consuming...not as much as I thought. It is actually FUN! Yes, FUN. I love that I can browse through all these mommy owned online shops and try out different brands without leaving the comfort of my home. And I love the COLORS and the PATTERNS! Not to mention how good it makes me feel to be a part of helping the environment and keeping my newborn's tush chemical free.

I just received my latest stash recently. I wanted to try some new brands. I ordered an Imagine brand diaper cover, two Grovia AIO newborn (that's cloth momma speak for All-in-One), a Best Bottom Diaper system, and two Bummi's Super Whisper Wrap diaper covers. My current stash is mainly Fuzzibunz Perfect Size in XS and a couple of One Size. I also own a couple of BumGenius One Size and a few Kissaluvs fitted diapers. I used the Kissaluvs with their Wool Soaker which is EXCELLENT at keeping Emma dry and I love that I can just air dry it in between!

Of course I love the Bummi's diaper covers for their adorable patterns but the Grovia are my favorite of this stash because of the fit and ease of use. Because they are All in One's their is no stuffing or cover needed, and the elastic around the waist and legs keep everything inside and make for a snug fit. Not to mention how soft they are! They do take a bit longer to dry though. I can't wait until the warmer weather so that Emma can sport the Bummi's patterned covers with nothing but a coordinating top. She is going to have the cutest fluffy bum on the block!

This is Emma sporting the Fuzzibunz Perfect Size pocket diaper in XS. This is a great fitting diaper that comes in a wide array of colors. It is a pocket diaper so you can double stuff it for night time use. My only issue with it is the gaping at the legs. There is no elastic and at it's smallest setting there was a bit of a gap which caused many leaks in her early weeks. Now that she is 8+ lbs she is filling it a bit better but it is still not as snug around the leg as I would like for containment purposes. 

Keep an eye out here for more reviews on Cloth Diapers as I add to my stash and try and test different brands. I love cloth diapering so much I want to share my knowledge with any mom's out there thinking of trying it. My advice? GO FOR IT! But don't give up! My first experience with it was in 2006 with my first born using Bum Genius Diapers but I gave up too quickly. I didn't do enough research and had no support. Not to mention not enough diapers to make a successful go of it. My second child didn't see a cloth diaper once. I was too stressed with a 2 year old and a newborn at home all day to even THINK of it! But I am SO GLAD I gave it another whirl the 3rd time around. You know what they say - third time is a charm! If you have any cloth diaper tips or brands you love feel free to let me know in comments! 

Happy Diapering! =)