Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Art Licensing Interview and Christmas Bag for Target

Been dying to share this with you guys! It's my Christmas Tote designed under Pink Light Design for Target and it's in stores NOW! My family and friends have been scouring their local Targets looking for it so they could snatch them all up. Thank you guys!!! I found one at my local Target and I can't tell you how THRILLED I was to see it hanging next to all these awesome totes and to see my name on the bottom! WHOO-HOO! Licensing is a looong process with delayed gratification but sooo worth it! Thanks again to Pink Light Design for representing me and for all the support! 

And if that wasn't awesome enough I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Alex Colombo on his blog The Moon From My Attic: An Art Licensing Chronicle recently. If you have ever wondered how I got my start in licensing, read the interview! It's filled with lots of tips and will probably answer a lot of Art Licensing questions you may have. Alex does a great job interviewing licensed artists. I recommend you follow him and keep up with his interviews. You never know who might meet or get inspired by! =)