Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dog collar designs for Savannah Tails

So excited to share this wonderful news with you all!! I just found out that the dog collar designs I did for Savannah Tails have been picked up by Amazon.com and will be available on their site in 2 - 3 weeks! Here are the designs Savannah Tails decided to add to their line - don't they look fab!? Would love to see a dog modeling them though. The owner of Savannah Tails told me her dog was actually wearing one of my designs when we were chatting on the phone. =)
Woofy Collar $25

Woofy Collar Detail
Molly Collar $25
Molly Collar Detail
Max Collar $25
Max Collar Detail
I will definitely keep you all posted as to when they launch on Amazon so you can all swarm to the site, make your purchases and leave rave reviews! You would all do me that teensy favor, wouldn't you? ;) In the meantime..if you CAN'T wait another 2-3 weeks they are available NOW at the Savannah Tails site. Just click on the collar name below the photos and it will take you directly to that collar on their site. And please, please, please be sure to let me know what collar you buy and send me photos of your doggies in them? I would love to feature them on the blog. Much love! =) TTFN!