Sunday, October 23, 2011

My first magazine feature! - Flow Magazine

A while back I had been approached by an editor at flow magazine, Netherlands about featuring my Sketchbook Project moleskine in an upcoming issue. I had forgotten ALL about it until I received my copy of the magazine yesterday!! Can you imagine how excited I was to open it up?? First of all, the overall design of the magazine is FABULOUS. SO much eye candy. But, unfortunately, I can't read Dutch so I was forced to just admire the pretty pictures. My featured sketchbook project spread is pictured below, on page 15 of issue #6.

It's just a little blurb about The Sketchbook Project, what it's all about and how much it costs to join. but the coolest part (aside from the photo of my book, obviously) is the credit line. (see below) My very first credit line in a magazine! Yay me!! I am soooo international now. LOL.

Inside the issue are also some really awesome freebies! I really need to learn Dutch so I can subscribe to this mag! The first is a pull out calendar and a little notebook with beautiful flower illos, and the second is a free vinyl sticker of a lasercut illustration. Isn't it pretty?? Don't know if you can get your hands on this magazine here in the States, but you can peruse the flow magazine English site and subscribe from there if you so wish. You have to call them direct of you live overseas. They have some really cute downloadables (is that a word?) for personal use too on their site and the Dutch site has a shop! It really is such a well done magazine - so happy I got to be in it! :-)

You can also follow flow on You Tube and Twitter.