Thursday, October 27, 2011

Moo Mini Cards are my favorite

So glad I signed up for Klout when it launched. My klout has earned me so many perks - these Moo Mini Cards being one of them! I was in need of a fresh new pack of business cards and the perk came just at the right time. All I paid was shipping and for the mini card holder. Of course I had to get bright pink. Why not make a statement on my key ring? Plus I think the color goes well with my cards.

I'm a BIG fan of packaging and presentation. You can see in the photos above how how my cards arrived. The box is sturdy and definitely not a throwaway, and I loved that they came with extra cards with all these cute sayings promoting Moo and their products. If someone handed me one of those and I didn't know about Moo I would definitely order from them! Matter of fact, I already sold See Emm Cee on the mini cards and the card holder after giving her one.

How cute is the very first card in my box? Make your customers feel special, like they are your best friend? Seriously smart move, Moo! Clearly it made an impression. The box even has these dividers labeled Mine and Theirs. And just LOOK at my cards! The quality is great...I love the size and I LOVE that I can print multiple images. So helpful when you are in licensing and don't want to pigeon hole yourself. I show a variety of my work with my cards. Seriously, You ARE my best friend now.