Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Temp Tats for the designer in you

Loving the new online shop Tattly created by Swiss Miss featuring tats by designers such as Julia Rothman, Jessica Hische and Frank Chimero, to name a few. Now THESE are some temporary tats I would love my kids to sport! I LOVE Julia Rothman's doodles. And much respect to her for growing up in a very little known place called City Island in the Bronx. I grew up not to far from there in Co-op City and used to visit City Island and Orchard Beach all the time, especially in summer. GREAT seafood restaurants there! There is also a movie starring Andy Garcia about City Island which you all must see - great acting, great cast and funny storyline. Watching it made me all nostalgic. =)

You can purchase your own tattoos at and you can follow them on Twitter here.

From the top: Type Nerd by Jessica Hische, Knucks by Frank Chimero, You're Very Very Late, Instant Camera and Popsicles by Julia Rothman