Friday, July 01, 2011

Hand drawn ceramic plates using Pebeo Porcelain Pens

I have had a bunch of Pebeo Porcelaine 150 pens in my art supply box for months now. A while back I tried the black out on an Ikea mug I had and loved the results. Then I used them to create a gift for my daughters Pre-k teacher. I bought a ceramic travel mug to school and had the kids sign their names all over it - the teacher LOVED it! I highly suggest this idea for a unique gift. But last night was my first attempt at hand drawing a design in color on a plate. I doodled a bit in my sketchpad first to warm up then just went for it. I've seen a few blog posts out there were people use carbon paper to trace a design first and then go over it with a pen but I, as you may or may not know, love to live dangerously! I wasn't sure what exactly it was going to end up looking like. I just went where my pens led. And here is the result!

I started out from the bottom up with the flowers and vines then filled in the dead space up top with the type. I was originally going to draw the outlines in black and then fill in but neither black marker was working. Might have to return them as there is no reason they should be dried out if they have never been used. I like the way the full color turned out though. Really excited to try out the paints that I received in the mail now! I bought some metallic colors and chalkboard paint! Soooo many possibilities!

Hoping to make some more soon and list them in my shop. Just have to find a packaging solution first! If you have any suggestions as what kind of designs you would like to see in the future feel free to let me know in comments. Love to hear from my readers! Happy Fourth of July! =)

xxoo Liz

UPDATE 7/12/11: Just listed this plate but I don't know how long it will last! Here's the link.