Monday, July 18, 2011

The Big Reveal: Custom Plate for an Awesome Scrapbooker!

If you are a fan of mine on Facebook and follow me on Twitter you may have caught me mentioning a special custom plate I was working on that I could not share until it was in the hands of the buyer due to the surprise nature of the design. Well, that buyer is my cousin's wife (whom I have never met in real life but I adore her more than some of my real family!) Teri of TeriBeri's Creations.

She saw my post with the first hand drawn plate I did and loved it so much she commissioned one for her brand new scrap booking room. Which is so cute and I am so jealous of her amazing little creative niche in her home! It is my goal to have a studio in my home but I am waiting until we move to a bigger house - no room in this little tudor and I have wayyyy to much stuff!

Anyway - she received the package today and she LOVED IT! I am SO HAPPY too because she gave me 100% creative license. Didn't even give me a quote to use or anything. All I had to go on were the lovely photos of her space and where the future home of the plate would be. She has already uploaded a video to YouTube and blogged about it. I think it looks GREAT on her shelf, don't you?? I love how CUTE her reaction is when she opens up the box - you have to see the video. The quote I thought was perfect considering her love of scrap booking. I had a few runner-ups but this one I think suited her sunny personality and the room. =)

Loving Teri's plate? I am now taking custom orders over at my etsy shop!