Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mix Tape Traveling Journal :: Next stop - PA!

I'm taking part in this traveling journal suggested by Jessica Mack @brownpaperbunny from Australia along with my dear sister from another mother Sara Carns @PlainSaraJane22. I met these two lovely ladies via Twitter and The Sketchbook Project last year - and so glad I did! After we mailed in our sketchbooks we talked about how much we missed it and Jessica suggested starting a traveling journal and Sara and I were totally on board. Jessica started the project off and created the lovely cover (don't you love that the elastic that wraps around the book looks like tape ribbon??) as well as all in the inside pieces for us to fill out with our bio's for the next artist. She did an amazing job. =)

The above two spreads are Jessica's. Check out her blog for all the details on the journal.

The above two spreads are Sara's. Can you guess what the theme is yet? is my entry into the journal. Recognize the song I illustrated? It was a popular circle time song. =)  We would make windows with our arms and a child would be tapped on the shoulder and would weave through the windows for the first verse. 

So glad I took part in this and happy to pass it on to the next artist! (Helen @Red1332) Thanks for including me Jessica!  And thanks for the lovely handmade card you sent with the journal Sara. You are a sweetheart! Happy journaling!