Friday, January 21, 2011

Sketchbook Project: Lovely little mention on Made by Nelle!

Just ran across a lovely blog post by Nelle of Made by Nelle about her Sketchbook Project and a few of her favorite participating artists and I was included in her list!! Her sketchbook is amazing....LOADS of texture, collages and beautiful color. Love this next one in particular.

Her theme was "If you lived here." She also mentioned some other artists {totally fascinated with the sketchbooks of K at A Place to Dwell and Kim at Art Equals Happy} that are worth a peek and a definite check-out if you are going to be seeing the books on tour. I am. And I can't wait! So many sketchbooks to check out, so little time! How will I ever see them all?? Think I will have to spend the whole day at the Brooklyn Art Library. Fine by me!

So who are your check-out worthy Sketchbook Project Artists?