Monday, January 10, 2011

Sketchbook Project: Catching Up

Haven't blogged about Sketchbook Project in a while so I have tons to show you. Here is a page that I did a while back and I have since then gone back and colored the right page. I do this a lot. As you can see I never finished the page on the left hand side. I do that a lot too. Considering this Sketchbook Project is 'A Day in the Life' of me I thought why not? SO many things go unfinished in my life anyway!

The next few spreads are pages 24 - 29. The dance spread was done while waiting for my daughter to get out of tap class. I illustrated all the tap steps she has learned so far. The others were inspired by The Beatles, as if you couldn't tell. So many of their songs are so relevant to different stages of my life. This stage happened to be a bit of a rough patch and I really felt I needed Help. Thank you Beatles. =)

I can't believe my sketchbook is due January 15th already! Five days to finish up 6 or so spreads. Can I do it? Have you shipped your sketchbook out yet??