Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Trend Alert: The Fantastic Mr. Fox

Woodland creatures have been around a while but foxes are of particular interest lately. Is it their gorgeous red color? Their cute faces? Maybe it's all to do with The Fantastic Mr. Fox. They do seem to make really good studies for illustration and stuffed animals. Something whimsical yet magical about them.

Foxes can be seen a lot in illustration right now but also textile design, jewelry design, and home decor. Even Pier 1 Imports had a cute fox illustration in their window a few months back. Need more proof that foxes are in like Flynn? Just do a search on Etsy for Fox and you'll see what I mean. Here are my fox faves:

Yee Von Chan on Flickr
I just love Yee Von Chan's Illustrations. They are so dreamy and fairy tale like. Her foxes are the cutest.
Hand pulled Gocco print from Deebeale on Etsy

Print by Traceface on Etsy

Sleepy Woodland Fox by Sleepyking on Etsy

Screenprinted Fox pillows by Sass and Peril on Etsy

One of my favorite people on Twitter and Etsy - Sweet Harvey Letterpress =)

From one of my favorite illustrators on Etsy - Helen Dardik