Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trend Alert: Lace

Lace Evening Bag - MoMa Store: $54.95
I am loving lace at the moment. It's everywhere you look. Being an Austen fanatic it's no wonder why I love that lace is back. Yes, even those lace kitchen curtains your grandmother used to have in her house are trendy so why not raid her attic? Scan in some old lace and make a nice overlay in photoshop for your photos. Wear it, hang it around the house, craft with it, print it - the limits are endless!

Here are my contributions to the lace trend for Wedding Paper Divas. Just had to get on the bandwagon. The lace was time consuming to draw in Illustrator, but very relaxing and meditative. Thank goodness for my Bamboo tablet and pen! =)

Chic Boudoir Invitation - Wedding Paper Divas

Bridal Lace Invitation - Wedding Paper Divas