Friday, September 10, 2010

My new obsession - Japanese Masking Tape

I am in love with Japanese masking tape lately. I have some rolls that were given to me by my friend Melissa that I still have in the packaging because they are just too pretty to open up and use! Silly, I know. Melissa and I both have an obsession with stationery. We always joke that we both have accumulated enough stuff that we could open up our own shop. Hmm....maybe I can twist her arm?

From the top: Japanese masking tape Set of 3 by PrettyTape on Etsy; Have a Nice Day Jumbo Deco Tape by Charmstore on Etsy; I love Paris Japanese Decorative Tape Set by KawaiiTape on Etsy; Petit Jumble Decorative Tape by Petit Collage; Petit Garden Decorative Tape by Petit Collage; Wild Flowers Decorative Fabric Tape by Cute Tape