Friday, August 27, 2010

The Sketchbook Project - Day 6 & 7

medium: pen, ink, graphite and colored pencil
This spread was done while we were still in Toronto. James fell asleep on my Mother in Law's couch and I was trying to keep Sophie quiet while he slept. Naps are so vital to a mother's sanity, especially on vacation. Tim Horton's and Second Cup are coffee shops we frequent daily while in Toronto. Coffee is a blessing and a curse to me. I need it to feel complete in the morning but then I suffer from the jitters afterward! Makes my mind race too...hence the insanity. 

In other news, I recently blogged at Sketchbook Project Doodleheads about the fear sketchbook artists (and artists in general) experience when faced with their first blank page. Check it out and comment if you can. Sketch you later!