Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011 - Day 2 and 3

I did this spread quite a while back, but with my trip to Toronto last week my blogging was put on hold. I actually have more pages to blog about that I did while in Canada - hoping to get to that this weekend. Hopefully I can squeeze in some more sketching too.
 Remember my theme? A Day in the Life? Well these represent a day at the beach and obviously what I am currently reading at the moment. Which, if you know me via Twitter, will come to NO surprise!

If you are wondering it is all done freehand with my Sakura pen which I LOVE. It doesn't bleed or run and it's smudge proof. Writes beautifully on the thin moleskine paper too. I mentioned using this pen on the Artist's Participating in the Sketchbook Project Group on Facebook run by my high school friend Mary Beth. I have an addendum to my claim that it does not bleed through the pages. It doesn't BLEED but you CAN see the drawing through the pages. (See the image below) The paper is unfortunately thin so I expect anything would show up. It doesn't really bother me though. I like the imperfectness of it all. The spontaneity. That is my life, after all. Nothing planned, fly by the seat of my pants, constantly experimenting. So it works for me. =)
What have you drawn in your sketchbook lately? Leave me a link in comments to your blog if your blogging about it! Also be sure to join the Facebook group to get in touch with other participating artist's from all over the world. There is also an official group here that you can 'like'.

Happy sketching!