Thursday, August 19, 2010

On the Road Again...

So as you may or may not know I was in Toronto last week visiting with my husband's family. I didn't have much time to do the tourist thing but I did manage to take some shots with my Droid from the road. Mostly in the car, on the road. We had a very busy week with visiting people and catching up. The kids had a blast. It was stressful, as almost every trip up there is because we are pulled in so many directions, but fun nonetheless. It was more time than we have spent together as a family this whole year so we really needed that, even if most of the 'relaxing' time was in the car when the kids were asleep. A twelve hour drive with a two and a four year old is not for the faint at heart, let me tell you.
Most of the photos here were taken in my car o the way back home along I-95. The last shot is a bit blurry but it was a sight for sore eyes - New York City 90 miles. That was when I knew we would be home sweet home soon. It's always good to come home.

All photos taken using FX Camera app for Android using the Toycam or Polandroid. FX Camera is free from the Android Market.