Friday, August 27, 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011 Day 8 & 9

Medium: pen and ink, india ink markers

I was just coming out of having a tough time at home when I drew this. I reflected on the past few days and the emotional roller coaster I was on and this is what came out. Literally. I had NO IDEA what I was going to draw. It was very meditative and therapeutic. Who knew a moleskin could replace a therapist?

P.S. This is a page my daughter decided to add her artistic touch to. The filled in mouth and hearts were all her. Guess she felt they needed to be black. 

The Sketchbook Project - Day 6 & 7

medium: pen, ink, graphite and colored pencil
This spread was done while we were still in Toronto. James fell asleep on my Mother in Law's couch and I was trying to keep Sophie quiet while he slept. Naps are so vital to a mother's sanity, especially on vacation. Tim Horton's and Second Cup are coffee shops we frequent daily while in Toronto. Coffee is a blessing and a curse to me. I need it to feel complete in the morning but then I suffer from the jitters afterward! Makes my mind race too...hence the insanity. 

In other news, I recently blogged at Sketchbook Project Doodleheads about the fear sketchbook artists (and artists in general) experience when faced with their first blank page. Check it out and comment if you can. Sketch you later!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New Designs in Encore Studios Holiday Book

Love is die-cut and stamped in a pale bronze shiny foil 
Complete message: Love, Joy, and Everything in between
Joy is stamped in deep red shiny foil to contrast the lighter color of the first stamping

If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen my update about some good news I had to share with you all. So here it is - Encore Studios has chosen 5 of my designs for their Holiday 2010 book! I just paid a visit to my old Art Director there today and saw the dummy book and picked up some samples. They look GORGEOUS! So much better than my mock-ups and flat print-outs. So nice to see the actual  die-cuts and foil stamping on the right paper. When I design these cards I design them in Illustrator with die-lines and flat colors to represent foil stamping. There is obviously no way to make an inkjet mock-up look anything like a finished piece. I'm good, but I'm not THAT good. Which is why I am so excited about these. I get so attached to my designs and I love to see them come to fruition and get the treatment they deserve.

New Year card with Fireworks stamped in silver and gold

I took lots of photos to share with everyone but I am terribly disappointed with how they turned out. Not much I can do with overhead dining room lighting. I usually take my photos using natural light but I did promise to share my news tonight and I knew tomorrow would come and go and I would never get to this post, so I just bit the bullet. Wish you all could see them in person - the photos don't really do them justice. You WILL be able to see them in person when the book launches and is displayed by Stationers all over the country though! Go to Encore Studios' website and find out who carries their holiday book in your area and pop in and see them in person. Maybe order some? =) 

Thanks for sharing in my wonderful news! Hope you like the designs! Which one is your favorite? 

This card uses holographic foil on the hanging ornaments to give it sparkle
The Christmas Tree is stamped in red foil while the topper and the stars are shiny silver foil
Snowflakes are knocked out of the red foil to show the paper underneath
A Polar Bear family cuddling under the falling snow - this one is my favorite!
The papa bear's paw 'hugs' his family while the baby bear's ear works as a slot and tab to hold the card closed
Papa bear tucks underneath baby bears ear. I just love what you can achieve with die-cuts.
Inside message fits the artwork on the outside of the card
The bears are outlined with a shiny silver stamping and die-cut from a duplex paper

This card uses die-cuts, foil stamping, and peekaboo flaps
Each present has a different pattern stamped in an array of golds and bronzes
The paper used is white with a gold iridescent sheen
Each present holds a holiday 'gift' inside

Monday, August 23, 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011 - Day 4 & 5

Sketchbook Project - Road Trip, originally uploaded by ecdesignz.

This spread was completed while on my Toronto trip. Second Cup is a popular coffee spot there. The Russian dolls are from my mother in law's place - my daughter always goes straight to them and loves opening them up and putting them back together. The flowers were drawn on a day we went to the park. Oh yeah and the bed? The four of us stayed in a queen sized bed our first night. I wouldn't advise you try this. Especially if you have a rather large husband and 2 very tossy-turny toddlers. =)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

On the Road Again...

So as you may or may not know I was in Toronto last week visiting with my husband's family. I didn't have much time to do the tourist thing but I did manage to take some shots with my Droid from the road. Mostly in the car, on the road. We had a very busy week with visiting people and catching up. The kids had a blast. It was stressful, as almost every trip up there is because we are pulled in so many directions, but fun nonetheless. It was more time than we have spent together as a family this whole year so we really needed that, even if most of the 'relaxing' time was in the car when the kids were asleep. A twelve hour drive with a two and a four year old is not for the faint at heart, let me tell you.
Most of the photos here were taken in my car o the way back home along I-95. The last shot is a bit blurry but it was a sight for sore eyes - New York City 90 miles. That was when I knew we would be home sweet home soon. It's always good to come home.

All photos taken using FX Camera app for Android using the Toycam or Polandroid. FX Camera is free from the Android Market.

Sketchbook Project 2011 - Day 2 and 3

I did this spread quite a while back, but with my trip to Toronto last week my blogging was put on hold. I actually have more pages to blog about that I did while in Canada - hoping to get to that this weekend. Hopefully I can squeeze in some more sketching too.
 Remember my theme? A Day in the Life? Well these represent a day at the beach and obviously what I am currently reading at the moment. Which, if you know me via Twitter, will come to NO surprise!

If you are wondering it is all done freehand with my Sakura pen which I LOVE. It doesn't bleed or run and it's smudge proof. Writes beautifully on the thin moleskine paper too. I mentioned using this pen on the Artist's Participating in the Sketchbook Project Group on Facebook run by my high school friend Mary Beth. I have an addendum to my claim that it does not bleed through the pages. It doesn't BLEED but you CAN see the drawing through the pages. (See the image below) The paper is unfortunately thin so I expect anything would show up. It doesn't really bother me though. I like the imperfectness of it all. The spontaneity. That is my life, after all. Nothing planned, fly by the seat of my pants, constantly experimenting. So it works for me. =)
What have you drawn in your sketchbook lately? Leave me a link in comments to your blog if your blogging about it! Also be sure to join the Facebook group to get in touch with other participating artist's from all over the world. There is also an official group here that you can 'like'.

Happy sketching!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Tiny Prints Blog Feature!

You can find my invitation on tiny*prints by clicking here - also available in green & pink
I was just on Facebook and saw a post from Tiny Prints about their weekly Inspiration Boards and saw that my Stork invite was featured in this board! I love little surprises like that! I love the Stork cookie and antibacterial lotion with the Stork label. Kind of wishing I was planning a baby shower for someone right now because I really love this theme. What's your favorite baby shower theme?

Tuesday, August 03, 2010