Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Collection - Groovy Greenery

Just finished this collection and asked my fans to help me come up with a name for it. Believe it or not that is my LEAST favorite thing. I always get stumped and come up with silly names. But with all the suggestions I managed to come up with Groovy Greenery. I figure it encompasses the color scheme, theme and the feel of the patterns all in one. It's kinda groovy, isn't it? My inspiration - Henna and Ikea.

I have so many ideas going in my head right now for my next collection but it's hard to stay focused with having to stop and feed little ones. I'll have to dig through my rough sketches and idea book. I was up until 4am last night working on Groovy Greenery! But when you are on a roll and it's QUIET in the house you just have to plow through! Hopefully tonight I will get the same creative high and finish another collection. Fingers crossed!