Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Holiday designs coming soon to Tiny Prints

I wrapped up holiday design submissions for Tiny Prints not too long ago and just heard back about which designs were chosen. Here is a sneak peek at three holiday designs debuting in September for the launch of the Holiday Season. All photos are FPO (for placement only) - I downloaded them from Google images. Tiny Prints will be using their own photography once they go up on the site. I like to add photos instead of just gray boxes - I think it looks more finished and I feel it sells the design better.
This design is called Vintage Holly and is a three panel, accordion style card. The back is still to be designed.

Sweet Holiday will be available in 3 colors as well as in multi-photo (below), flat (shown here) and foldover. Matching address labels and gift tags (see below) will also be available.

Hot off the Press Design available in 3 colors, in flat, folded, and multi-photo (shown below)

I wanted to give the type in my Hot off the Press design a letterpress look to it but was failing miserably until I found this wonderful free tutorial on : Creating Editable Letterpress Style Text. This kind of effect is usually done in Photoshop, but I was working in Illustrator and needed to text to be editable as I might have needed to change the copy. It took a few tries but I finally got it to work. I think the background color really played an important part. As you can see the blue colorway is the best example of the effect. I just wish I could tweak it more in AI. Then again, that's what PSD is for.

Sorry to ruin your summer vacation with Christmas - but that's how it is in my world - Christmas is always in July! Don't forget to visit Tiny Prints in September for their Holiday launch. Wouldn't hurt to order your family holiday cards early, would it? *hint, hint* =)