Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Childhood Inspiration

Thanks to Scoutie Girl for the great post on childhood inspiration. Hers was The Chronicles of Narnia. For me there were several inspirations. I couldn't choose just one! Disney was by far the most influential source of inspiration. It's what fueled my love of drawing and made me want to be an artist. I used to trace Disney characters until I had that annoying lump on my middle finger from holding my pencil too tight and pressing down too hard on the paper. 

Sesame Street in the 70's was was most definitely a source of inspiration for many kids. Certainly was for me. I had a collection of story book records that I used to listen to religiously in room. Most of them were Disney but I also had The Sesame Street Fairy Tale Album which was amazing! Every important fairy tale told with sound effects by your favorite Sesame Street characters - what could be better than that? Another favorite was Tina the Ballerina. This story with it's music was just mesmerizing for me. Made me want to dance like a ballerina! But nothing made me really dance like a true kid of the 70's like Mickey Mouse Disco. My sister and I danced like maniacs in our room to that record! Only in the 70's! 

Last but not least my dearest Winnie the Pooh. I just adored him. The Blustery Day was probably my favorite Winnie-the-Pooh story. Now I want to get on Ebay and find all these records. I can't believe I don't have most of them anymore. Oh and a record player would be good too. I miss the days when childhood was so simple!

Hope this post inspired you to remember your own childhood inspiration. What are you waiting for? Go post your own story! =)