Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And the Sunshine Award goes to....

This morning I woke up to a lovely comment on my blog from one of my favorite people in the world of Twitter and Etsy: Heather from Olive and Ollie. She was kind enough to nominate me for this blog award: The Sunshine Award. Originally awarded to her by Monica of Little Buttercup's StudioThis is my first ever blog award so I am feeling very humbled and also very excited! Excited because I get to pay it forward and nominate some of MY favorite bloggers and share them with all of you! 

Sweet Harvey Letterpress LLC
Ellen Crimi-Trent
Kelly Light from Pretty Good for a Girl
Mary Beth from Pink Light Design
Lauren from Ten23Designs
Laura from Creative Whimsies
Melissa from YummyGoods
Khristian A. Howell
Gina Perry
Robin of Well of Creations
Kim of Today's Creative Blog

I follow A LOT of blogs/bloggers that are not listed. I wanted to narrow it down (which was REALLY hard to do, btw) to the 'real' bloggers. The ones that I know and love on a more personal level. These ladies show me lots of love on my blog, my facebook page, on twitter, and even on their blogs. They are not as BIG as the poppytalk's or the printandpattern's or the decor8's out there (very popular blogs which I love too) - but they are worth there weight in gold. These women are mother's, entrepreneurs, friends, and talented above all. They bring sunshine into my life everyday!! Thank you ladies for your support and for inspiring me everyday!

Now that you have all been nominated for a Sunshine Award here is how YOU can pay it forward:

1) Put the logo on your blog or within your post
2) Pass the award to 12-well-deserving bloggers
3) Link the nominees within your post
4) Share the news by leaving a comment on their blog
5) Link to the person from whom you received the award

It's that simple! Now go and spread the love and the sunshine! =)