Monday, March 22, 2010

Kid's Birthday Invites

I recently was asked to come up with some Kid's Birthday Invitation designs for Tiny Prints. I designed two girl invites and two boy invites. Oddly enough I was better at designing for the boys and the above two invites were chosen to be sold on! I think it has a lot to do with the fact this project came around the time I was planning my son's 2nd birthday party and thinking about taking him to the Circus, which happens to be in town at the moment. It's funny how life inspires design, sometimes unexpectedly. I have always thought my strength to lie in designing for girl's, especially teens. My illustrations and graphics just seem to lend themselves to these categories. Goes to show you - never pigeonhole yourself. Take risks and work out of your comfort zone and you might be heartily surprised by what you can accomplish!

These were the girl invites I did. One can see these as a wasted design just because they weren't chosen but I tend to think how I can recycle my designs. Sell them on Etsy? Artfire? Or design a whole collection around these graphics for Surtex (National Stationery Show) in May. The possibilities are endless. What do you suggest?