Saturday, December 05, 2009

Feature Friday? More like Saturday.

Ok, ok..I know I'm a bit LATE for Feature FRIDAY seeing it's Saturday night but I couldn't help it. Between freelancing, the kids and my husband's work Christmas Party on Friday I had NO TIME! But I am making the time. And SO glad that my featured artist is one of my Fritters! (Twitter Friend) Laura Zarrin (@CreativeGirl on Twitter). She is a wonderful person, a great mom, and an amazing children's illustrator. Here are some samples from her Etsy shop (LauraZee). My favorite is the Elephant. He is SO CUTE, isn't he? The fairies are another favorite of mine - they remind me so much of my daughter!

Laura has also recently launched a semi-custom collage portrait site ( in which she takes your photos and creates a painted collage portrait. You have several color options to choose from AND photo layouts. I think they make perfect gifts for grandparents. I know for a fact my mother would LOVE one of my kids. Here are a few sample portraits (Love the antique looking one).

Laura, like me, is everywhere! She has a Facebook Fan Page, an Imagekind Shop, a Blog, a Website, an Etsy shop and a Twitter! She even has another site called Pixie Bears that is available for licensing - so cute! Whew! That was a mouthful! Don't know HOW she does it but I'm glad she does! :) Thanks Laura for being such a wonderful Twitter friend and an inspirational artist and mom!