Saturday, November 14, 2009

Feature Friday the 13th! (the late edition)

So I'm a bit late tonight with my Feature Friday post - had so much freelance work to catch up on - but better late than never! Kids are in bed so now is the perfect time to blog uninterrupted. :)
This week is a little different than usual. This week I have TWO, yes TWO Featured Artisans. Interesting story. I randomly picked a name and I got Leanne from Folk on Etsy but got her shop name confused with another entrant - Elaine (or Lainey as she likes to be called) from Buy My Crap on Etsy. I think the two 'L' names threw me off and the fact that I was typing out the winner as my 3 year old was trying to get my attention. Mommies can only multi-task so well :) So due to my mistake I decided it was only fair to announce both Lainey AND Leanne as this weeks winner(s). I am SO excited about this too because they both make very different things but I think they go well together. Like wine and cheese if you will.

So here's the scoop on Folk on Etsy:
Leanne designs and sews really cool Victorian/Gothic inspired garments and accessories. LOVE LOVE LOVE her cuffs and collars. The Goth girl in me screams out for them. And I love that she uses recycled packaging. We could all stand to be a bit more green, couldn't we? I like to do the same. Waste not, want not! These are a few of my favorites from her shop. Check her out - her work is AWESOME!

Leanne is offering FREE SHIPPING within the U.S. until Saturday November 21st and HALF-OFF International Shipping for my readers and followers. Shipping refunds will be issued after payment is made. Be sure to mention EC Design. Happy Shopping!!
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Here's the scoop on Buy My Crap (Don't you love that shop name? LOL)
Lainey makes handmade resin rings with a gothic, vampiric, glittery flair. She even hand makes the molds for the rings. I can totally imagine myself wearing one of her rings with one of Folk's wrist cuffs. And I LOVE that she has a collection of rings inspired by the book, 'Mr. Darcy,Vampyre' by Amanda Grange (which I am almost done reading, btw). I have a fascination with Jane Austen and vampires myself so when the two come together - well, it's pretty awesome. I'm not a purist. I can appreciate the spin-off for what it is. Mr. Darcy is still Mr. Darcy - just undead. :) I think her rings would go fabulously with my Mr. Darcy notecards. Here are my FAVORITES from her shop. It was hard to narrow it down, believe me. So stop by and peruse her wares, would you? You will NOT be sorry! She also makes CUSTOM rings - which is a great offering for a special one of a kind gift.

SPECIAL:: Once Buy My Crap reaches 100 sales on Etsy (25 to go) Facebook fans ONLY will be eligible to receive a SPECIAL GIVEAWAY. So become a fan!
Her stackable rings (shown above) are a great value, btw!! $18 for a set of 3 - YOU CHOOSE your own colors - I love the glitter ones in the winter collection shown above :)

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