Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blossom Baby Shower Invite

Blossom Baby Shower Invite, originally uploaded by LovePaper.

I love the color combo on this baby shower invite. Getting all inspired now!

Bella Baby Shower Cake

Bella Baby Shower Cake, originally uploaded by dahliascakes.

I just love the colors on this baby shower cake. I would be afraid to eat it!

baby shower cupcakes

baby shower cupcakes, originally uploaded by hello naomi.

I'm in the process of designing baby shower invites and was doing some research and came across these adorable cupcakes! Wish I had them at MY baby shower!

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Bad Awful Morning Ends on a High Note

We had a play date today with my dear friend Melissa and her two girls. Because of the rainy day we opted for something indoors so we headed over to The Mall at Short Hills in Short Hills, New Jersey. My day started horribly. My son (who is 18 months in September) woke up screaming and pretty much screamed all through breakfast (throwing a bowl full of cereal and milk at me) whilst my 3 year old proceeded to chat my ear off about anything and everything. And to every question she asked me she would follow up with a "Why?" Forcing me to come up with crazy answers/reasons just so that she would stop asking "why." It never worked. I ended up giving my son a much needed time-out in his crib (he was kicking and screaming on the floor so I saw no other option here.) I don't believe in time-outs in the crib because it's supposed to be a soothing, happy place - not one filled with tears. Long story short, he fell asleep. Poor guy. So as soon as he woke up refreshed, we headed out. In the rain. The POURING rain. My awful morning continued as I proceeded to miss the exit to the mall and was forced to drive for several miles before finding an exit where I could u-turn. Then I noticed my gas light was on! I had forgotten to fill the tank and was praying to get to the mall without running out when I (and my daughter) smelled a strange burning odor. I immediately pulled over to assess what could be causing said odor. I again prayed to get to the mall in one piece. At this point the kids are tired of being in the car (we were going on 40 minutes here) and getting hungry. I have my daughter constantly saying "Mommy, are we lost? Why are we lost? I don't like being lost" and my son repeating his screaming performance from earlier in the morning. *SIGH* I held it together and eventually we got to the mall safely (on fumes) and had lunch and visited an awesome cupcake shop called Brownie Points Bakery. What a CUTE place! And the cupcakes were SO *YUMMY*! I adored the window displays and decor and the kids had a great time. Of course they only ate the frosting. I enjoyed a Lemon Coconut cupcake. The kids had yellow cake with chocolate frosting and yellow cake with pink frosting topped with sprinkles (for the girly-girl.) So my Bad Awful Day turned out to be not so bad and not so awful. Cupcakes save the day! Thanks Melissa for the awesome play date! Let's do it again. But next time without the side order of drama, please.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Ok so Halloween is 2 months away but it is my favorite time of year and I am already thinking about it. Found this cute idea for goody bags from Country Living online. I'm thinking of making these for my kids. So easy but so cute. And inexpensive! I think THAT is the key word.

Check out these ADORABLE Frankenstein Monster MaryJanes! Found them on Etsy. I am so getting these for my daughter. SO cute.