Monday, August 18, 2014

Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search 2014 Entry

So if you follow my updates you know that I signed up for Lilla Roger's 2014 Global Talent Search and today was the deadline for Round 1! The theme? Little Terrarium. I sketched in my sketchbook, I sketched in illustrator and even in photoshop. At first I was trying too hard to create something that was not my 'style' and I got stuck. Really stuck. And I didn't like where it was going. It didn't feel natural. But I kept playing around with different mediums and concepts until it hit me. And I was really happy with it. 

Sure, I could have played around and added and taken away and layered and edited until the cows came home...but I wanted it to feel done, not overdone. So I followed my joy and my excitement and went with my gut. It was a long process getting from sketch to finished art. I was careful not to spend too much time looking at illustrated anything. I didn't want to be subconsciously influenced by anyone or anything that I saw. I stuck to real photographs and ideas, words, definitions. I made a list of things that the word terrarium conjured up for me and I imagined what kind of terrarium I would make for myself. You can see my progression in my sketches.

This was the sketch I did that finally made the lightbulb go off. It was like lightning struck and knew exactly what I was going to do. Don't you love when that happens? It takes a lot of playing and thinking and exploring sometimes but it's so worth it! 

And here is the final submitted piece. I love how it turned out!

I tried really hard not to compare myself to anyone, to get down on myself or doubt myself or my skills and I just went with it. It's so freeing. Artists tend to be very self-critical, don't we? We just love beating ourselves up and comparing ourselves and our progress to others'. Word of advice? DON'T DO THAT! Keep telling yourself that you are an artist and you know instinctively what to do and how to do it. Have faith in your ability and have fun with the art making process. It's supposed to be FUN after all, isn't it? =)

Until next time!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Fresh Start and Exciting News

My new creative corner
I recently had to say goodbye to my first home. After 10 years in the house where I brought up my children, I had to move on. Part of me was really sad and hesitant to let go and part of me was relieved. Many beautiful memories were made, many tears shed, many firsts....but it was time to let go of the old and embrace the new. It started with a new love, then a new baby, a new job, now a new apartment and a whole new life. FRESH START. Don't you love the sound of that?

I have been thinking about all this change and new-ness and I decided I was going to STOP being AFRAID of being successful and START being BOLD. So for my first bold move I signed up for Lilla Roger's Make Art That Sells (MATS) Part A & B starting in October of this year. ((SUPER excited!!)) Today I made my second bold move - I registered for Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search 2014!! Yes. I was tired of sitting on the sidelines watching all the exciting, fun things happen to other people so I decided I would grab the new, exciting, challenging, and fun by the horns and go with it. How else am I going to grow? My life has been topsy-turvy and oh-so-stressful the last year and a half. I have not been able to concentrate on work AT ALL. I think MATS and GTS are JUST what I need to get back into my groove and remember why God put me on this earth. And I can't wait to share every step of my journey with you guys!! Are you excited?? I AM!!

Change is scary but OH.SO.GOOD. And necessary. One thing is for certain. I am DONE fighting the current. I am going to go with the flow from now on. No more struggling for me. My heart really wanted to do this so I jumped in and I did it. Now my heart is happy and excited and scared and anxious but that's ALL GOOD because it means I'm going in the right direction! And THAT is EXACTLY where I need to be going. Until next time! =)

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

How the time flies. I've been so busy lately and crazy and stressed and happy. Most importantly HAPPY. And I've missed you. I've missed blogging and sharing and reading your comments. How are you?

I promise I'll be back soon to give you the details of what I've been up to all these months. Some of you know some of you might be surprised. Either way I thought I would share this anniversary card I made for my sweetheart. Because I knew you would appreciate it. =)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Photofy's 'Thankful For...' contest

Working on some new designs for Photofy's 'Thankful for...' contest just in time for Thanksgiving next week. (still can't believe its next week BTW!)

Download the app and use one of the 'Thankful For..' designs on one of your photos to enter. Contest runs until December 1st. I know you will all go straight to my designs because you are all so loyal and love me so much. ;) Have fun with it!

BTW...What are YOU thankful for?

xx Liz